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Last night on Facebook, I asked my friends to suggest a single word — any word. Thirty-nine responses (as of this writing) produced some dandies. This morning, I ran a random-number generator to zero in on a winner: insatiable (thanks, Laura!). This word is the basis of what I hope will become an every-Friday writing […]

Here’s the thing about addition: It really adds up

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a friend about — here comes an awful-sounding phrase — my rate of production. His observation: “You really crank it out.” He meant it admiringly, and I didn’t take offense, but I’m not particularly fond of the word “crank.” Something about it suggests automation rather than craftsmanship, and […]

Going west, again

The list of things that I love, if I were to be completely honest and cast out the most casual uses of the verb, would not be very long. (I do not, for example, really love red velvet cake, although I am amenable to heavy petting.) But right up there — somewhere below my wife […]