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High Plains Book Awards

The news came out yesterday that This Is What I Want is a finalist in the fiction category of the 2016 High Plains Book Awards. It’s my third finalist designation—the previous ones were for Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure in 2012 (short stories) and 600 Hours of Edward in 2010 (winner in the First […]

I’m getting older. You should get books.

  Sometime here in the next twenty-four hours or so, I’ll embark on a new trip around the sun. There’s a lot I could say about adding another year to the odometer. I’ve certainly never been above doing so before. But it occurs to me at my advanced age that true joy lies not in […]

It’s a great line, but I didn’t come up with it

Something curious has happened in the past several weeks. Three or four times now, I’ve searched for my name on Twitter—yeah, I’m that guy—and I’ve come across posts that look like this: “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.”—Craig Lancaster Uh, no. John Wooden. No, seriously, […]


When it comes to the book business and how I comport myself, I’m a man of guiding principles: 1. Write what’s in my heart, not what I calculate to be the quickest route to sales, notoriety, etc. 2. Connect with readers, not other authors. 3. Don’t get in back-and-forths with critics. They have their role, […]

Catching up

Some news and notes on various fronts. I’ve been really busy these past few weeks–with the promise of more busy-ness to come–and haven’t had time to get to this stuff until now: 600 HOURS OF EDWARD is out, and doing swimmingly. In just over a month since it’s re-release, it has garnered about 25 new, […]

An honor for ‘Quantum Physics’

I posted about this last week on Facebook (follow me here!) but wanted to wait for the official announcement before posting anything here. The press release went out Tuesday, so I guess it’s safe. QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE ART OF DEPARTURE, the short-story collection I released back in December, has won a gold medal from […]

Gigs? Turns out I have gigs

Since I came home from the Montana Festival of the Book back in October, it’s been a quiet few months on the get-out-and-yak-about-books front, and that hasn’t been entirely unwelcome. For one thing, I managed to shove the short-story collection out the door. For another, I managed to move to a new house. For yet […]