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We were maybe twenty miles west of Billings, Montana, when we topped a hill and the land fell out before us, plains running in a soup bowl to the next plateau, the purple-blue sky a canopy fastened to the horizons at 360 degrees. Elisa drew in a breath and said, “I never get used to […]

So This is Christmas …

Well, not yet. But soon. I’ve had a year, to say the least. This seems to happen when the calendar is on an even number. Divorce, heartbreak, starting anew in an old place, trying to get my bearings. Again. There has been happiness, too, of course—a new book came out, new friendships emerged, I settled […]

Gigs? Turns out I have gigs

Since I came home from the Montana Festival of the Book back in October, it’s been a quiet few months on the get-out-and-yak-about-books front, and that hasn’t been entirely unwelcome. For one thing, I managed to shove the short-story collection out the door. For another, I managed to move to a new house. For yet […]