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This morning, perhaps as people slept, e-readers quietly updated with Edward Unspooled, marking the official release date of my sixth novel—and the third featuring Edward Stanton and his family and friends. Every release day is equal parts pleasure and anticipation. It’s the payoff for the long months of writing and rewriting and editing and formatting. […]


We were maybe twenty miles west of Billings, Montana, when we topped a hill and the land fell out before us, plains running in a soup bowl to the next plateau, the purple-blue sky a canopy fastened to the horizons at 360 degrees. Elisa drew in a breath and said, “I never get used to […]

The view from here

So here’s where I cop to a fetish with modern technology: I love the feature on Facebook that allows you to look at your posts from a given day—say, Oct. 8—through the years. It is, usually, a delightful way of reliving moments big and banal and inscrutable. You find out how funny you were. Or […]