In addition to his writing, Craig makes a living by providing a range of editorial services, including graphic design, developmental manuscript editing, and copy editing.


Craig is the design director for The Montana Quarterly, three times selected as the best magazine in the Pacific Northwest by the Society of Professional Journalists. In that role, he works with some of the best writers and photographers in the state. The Quarterly comes out in March, June, September and December of each year. Craig also produces book covers, book interior designs, posters, and other material. If you’re interested in discussing a job with him, please visit Lancarello Enterprises, his editing/design business.

Manuscript editing

With a primary focus on fiction projects, Craig provides two levels of editing: developmental editing (in which issues of story flow, theme, structure, etc. are assessed) and copy editing (with a focus on style and grammar). He has edited a diverse range of genres, including YA, fantasy, literary fiction, and westerns. If you’re preparing a manuscript for submission to agents and/or publishers or are intent on independently publishing your work, Craig can help you get it into the proper shape.

General editing

Craig’s background in journalism, where he spent twenty-five years as an editor, allows him to take on projects of any size and scope. Whether you’re planning to publish a newsletter, turn in a thesis, print a menu, or prepare a campaign bumper sticker, he can help you ensure that the words and images you use deliver the intended effect.


Craig is the owner of Missouri Breaks Press, which in addition to housing his freelance editorial work is also the imprint under which he publishes some of his own fiction and previously published works by other authors. Currently, Missouri Breaks Press has two titles in print, with one forthcoming:

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