This morning, perhaps as people slept, e-readers quietly updated with Edward Unspooled, marking the official release date of my sixth novel—and the third featuring Edward Stanton and his family and friends.

Lancaster-EdwardUnspooled-CV-FT-final_LrgEvery release day is equal parts pleasure and anticipation. It’s the payoff for the long months of writing and rewriting and editing and formatting. And it’s the jumping-off point for the hope that the book will connect with the hearts and minds of readers.

This book has been especially gratifying for a few reasons. First, it showed up unexpectedly (more on that at the link above). Second, for the first time since my short-story collection was first released I decided to publish this independently. I hired an editor to work with me, a cover designer to make this book fit seamlessly with its predecessors, an e-book designer and an audiobook reader. It checked all of my creative boxes, and that was important to me.

Most important, I held true to my guiding intention: I wrote the best book I could. If this book is our first meeting, or you’ve been with Edward right along, or you’ve followed me into the other fictional crevices I’ve explored, that’s how I keep the trust with you. I give my best effort. I’m grateful for you.

Thanks for reading.

To get your copy

  • Paperback: Available at or by order through your favorite bookseller.
  • Signed paperback: You can buy it through my online store.
  • Kindle: Available at
  • Audiobook: Coming soon through, Audible and iTunes.

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  1. Susan H November 2, 2016 at 1:50 pm #

    I just finished Edward Unspooled and wanted to tell you that I loved it! I have loved all three Edward books but this one especially touched me for some reason. Thank you.

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