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Once More, With Feeling: The Larry Burnett interview

  By Jim Thomsen A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts in this space about the not-quite-a-hit-single “Cinderella,” (see below) recorded and released by the soft-rock band Firefall in 1976. As I wrote, it’s a pretty tune wrapped around some shocking and seemingly misogynistic lyrics. (Cinderella, can’t you see/I don’t want your company/Better leave […]

Grab Bag: The MFA effect

First: Read this story in Salon, provocatively titled “Are MFA programs ruining American fiction?” (I’ll end the suspense now and tell you that the piece doesn’t answer the question in any substantive way.) Then come back and I’ll share my meager thoughts. I was fascinated to read that article because it’s a topic my good […]

Once More, With Feeling: The “Cinderella” You Won’t Find In Children’s Books

  Guest post by Jim Thomsen Last week, somewhere between Sublimity and Silverton, Oregon, between spitting rain and a sliver of sunlight far to the north, I broke the morning silence with the first CD of the second day of a road trip. The CD was “Firefall: Greatest Hits,” and the second song was “Cinderella.” […]