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This morning, perhaps as people slept, e-readers quietly updated with Edward Unspooled, marking the official release date of my sixth novel—and the third featuring Edward Stanton and his family and friends. Every release day is equal parts pleasure and anticipation. It’s the payoff for the long months of writing and rewriting and editing and formatting. […]

This is what I wanted

My new book came out today, and now I’m awash in the joys and nervousness of a literary birth. The joys abound. The nervousness I can handle. Let’s move on. A question I get regularly—and understandably—falls along these lines: How much of you (that is, me) is in the book? It’s an almost impossible question to […]

How are you? It’s been a while …

Here’s what’s been going on: Even my slimmed-down version of NaNoWriMo crashed and burned. I still love the story idea, still think about it a lot, still like what little progress I’ve made on it, but I won’t be finishing any time soon. It just needs some more cooking time in my head. The longer […]