The great man smiled on us all

Tuesday night in Bozeman, in one of the singular honors of my writing life, I helped pay tribute to Ivan Doig at the Country Bookshelf. I’ll point you to the story I wrote for Last Best News if a nuts-and-bolts recounting is what you’re interested in. For me, the moments of wonder came after the seven […]

This is what I wanted

My new book came out today, and now I’m awash in the joys and nervousness of a literary birth. The joys abound. The nervousness I can handle. Let’s move on. A question I get regularly—and understandably—falls along these lines: How much of you (that is, me) is in the book? It’s an almost impossible question to […]

Farewell, Ivan Doig

I’ve been wrestling with whether to write this since I heard the news yesterday that Ivan Doig, the poetic chronicler of the American West and Montana, died at age 75. Unlike so many of my friends, of whom I’m endlessly envious, I have no story about meeting the man. Though he surely has been a […]

On fear and faith

I’d like to commend to your attention this essay by my friend Aaron Householder. Read it first for Aaron’s perspective, which I always find valuable. Then come back and I’ll add my own rambling thoughts to the mix. ***** Aaron and I grew up in the same town. Went to the same high school. As […]

I’m getting older. You should get books.

  Sometime here in the next twenty-four hours or so, I’ll embark on a new trip around the sun. There’s a lot I could say about adding another year to the odometer. I’ve certainly never been above doing so before. But it occurs to me at my advanced age that true joy lies not in […]