It’s coming: Julep Street

julep street front cover In Craig's forthcoming seventh novel, due for a May 9, 2017, release, he leaves contemporary Montana and sets a story in western Kentucky, on the banks of the Ohio River, where a newspaperman confronts his biggest story: his own. Carson McCullough has given his career to a singular pursuit—putting out a small daily newspaper that keeps his employees engaged and his hometown informed. But as time and technology conspire against him, Carson’s Argus-Dispatch is shuttered by an owner with a different view of its future. Stung by the abrupt end of his career and burdened by regret and grudges, Carson and his one true companion, a yellow Lab named Hector, set out on a road trip. As the miles pile up and Carson erratically drives into the residue of past decisions and the consequences of current actions, he confronts questions of love, faith, self-worth, and, perhaps most pressing, whether he can redefine himself after his identity is stripped away. With this novel, Craig Lancaster returns to the broad themes of his award-winning work and goes deeper yet, straight into the heart and mind of a good man who has lost his way and is struggling against himself to set things right. Pre-order a signed hardcover copy.

Craig Lancaster Q&A

new-website-EU Author Maryann Miller hosted a Q&A with Craig at her blog, It's Not All Gravy. Read on for a wide-ranging, fun interview. Click here.

Big Sky Journal reviews Edward Unspooled

big-sky-journal "... the wisest observations come through Edward’s unusual need for precision, even in his views on love. Readers will appreciate his need for definition in an unsure world, as well as the warmth of his heart." Check out the review here.