It’s back: The Summer Son

The Summer Son front cover The Summer Son, Craig's second novel and a 2010 Utah Book Awards fiction finalist, is back in a handsome second edition. Craig tells the story about taking a second crack at the manuscript and the decision to re-release it under the auspices of his own publishing imprint. "Of all my books—there are eight now—this is the one I always thought I might do a bit differently, given the chance," he writes. "Nothing big. The story is strong enough, the structure is sturdy enough, and readers have responded emotionally to it. I didn’t want to mess up anything good. I just wanted to do some scalpel work. Call it a director’s re-cut, if the cinematic metaphor works for you."

International Book Awards designation

new-website-EU Edward Unspooled, the third installment of Craig's beloved Edward Stanton series of books, has been selected a general-fiction finalist in the International Book Awards. Click here to see the entire list of honorees. Click here to purchase a signed copy of the book.

Q&A on Julep Street

lastbest Last Best News interviews Craig about his latest novel, Julep Street. Main character Carson McCullough "runs into a lot of what the Buddhists call karma. It all ended up being darkly comic, I think." Click here to read more.